Chiran Peace Museum

Chiran Peace Museum exhibits many articles and portfolios left by the deceased soldiers who fought for Japan during the final moments of World War II. The last battle took place in Okinawa. The bloodshed was unprecedented in the Japanese war effort up to that point. The soldiers represented in the Museum died as Army tokkō pilots of special attack forces. The accumulation of the many articles which are exhibited in here today are due to the assistance of many friends and relatives of these deceased pilots. It was the relative's mission to ensure that the sacrifices made by each pilot would never be forgotten. The pilot's last wish was that Japan would be peaceful and prosperous once more. Today Japan is very prosperous. We should be grateful to the pilots for this.

Chiran Peace Museum has been built to commemorate the pilots and expose the tragic loss of their lives so that we may understand the need for everlasting peace and ensure such incidents are never repeated. That is now our responsibility.