Audio Guide

We provide the audio guide equipment for 200 yen per person to enable you access to also English, Chinese ,Korean and French audio narrative detailing experiences of the tokkō pilots and descriptions of fighter planes.

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  1. Outline of Chiran Peace Museum (lobby)
  2. The Chiran Requiem (lobby, on the wall)
  3. The Historical background of the tokkō missions (right of entrance to relic room)
  4. Chiran Air Base (right of entrance to relic room)
  5. Yoshio Itsui, Lieutenant Colonel (portrait area no. 1)
  6. Hiroshi Maeda, Captain (portrait area no. 1)
  7. Group Messages signed on Japanese flag (display case no. 11)
  8. Saburo Okabe, Second Lieutenant (display case no. 13)
  9. Minoru Nakamura, Captain (portrait area 2)
  10. Toshio Anazawa, Captain (portrait area 2)
  11. Shigeru Kato, Second Lieutenant (portrait area 3)
  12. Toru Shinomiya, Major (portrait area 4)
  13. Masaya Abe, Captain (portrait area 5)
  14. Torao Kato, Second Lieutenant (portrait area 5)
  15. Fumihiro Mitsuyama, Captain (portrait area 5)
  16. Photo of Mt. Kaimon
  17. Army type-1 fighter aircraft "Hayabusa" (Ki-43)
  18. Types of the army tokkō planes then existing
  19. Chiran Air Base Diorama
  20. The tokkō unit, 72nd Shinbu-tai, "Hogaraka-tai" (photo of tokkō pilots with puppy)
  21. Masanobu Kuno, Lieutenant Colonel (portrait area 7)
  22. Mitsuharu Goto, Captain (portrait area 8)
  23. Hajime Fujii, Major (portrait area 8)
  24. Fujio Wakamatsu, Second Lieutenant (display case 27)
  25. Masaharu Takano, Captain (portrait area 9)
  26. Kanji Eda, Captain (portrait area 9)
  27. Mrs. Tome Torihama
  28. Army type-4 fighter aircraft "Hayate" (Ki-84)
  29. The tokkō unit, Giretsukutei-tai (picture)
  30. War History Archives
  31. Shinyo-tei (Navy tokkō boat)
  32. Takijiro Onishi, Vice Admiral
  33. Triangular Barrack (outdoors)
  34. The Tokkō Peace Kannon Shrine, The Tokkō Peace Kannon (outdoors)
  35. Navy type-0 fighter aircraft "Zero-sen"